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Disruptors Academy is an educational program designed by DareDisrupt to empower disruptors with the tools to thrive in an exponential world. One in which the speed, scale and (zero) cost of disruptive innovations are transforming society as we know it. One in which leaders need technological intuition.

Become part of a growing community of disruptors, engaged to co-shape their future with you, today.

At Disruptors Academy we disrupt your mindset, cultivate your technological acumen and hack your execution skills. Together, we explore why the disruptor mindset is important and how we can apply it as a strategy. What new technological capabilitiesare reshaping the world. And, how we can leverage new organizational attributes for exponential growth

By introducing you to new tools and paradigms, we want to disrupt you in the most amazingly constructive way so that you’ll be capable of developing products and services which fit your future market place.


For more information, contact Susanne Odgaard on +45 25 39 21 46


Focus on companies, digital transformation and disruptive innovation


Focus on catalytic innovation to leverage new technologies for public service


Focus on disruptive innovation as a strategic choice

Higher Education

Focus on the disruptors’ mindset and 10x entrepreneurship