From Smiling to Smirking? 3D Printing, Upgrading and the Restructuring of Global Value Chains

3D printing (3DP) has been heralded as a revolutionary technology that can alter the way production is organized across time and space – with important redistributive effects on geography and size of production activities. In this article, we examine the impacts that a widespread adoption of 3DP could have on restructuring, upgrading and distributing value…

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“Prepare to be disrupted in a digitized world”

Anybody who has ever set foot in Indonesia’s capital will know that the perspective of having self-driving cars is intriguing. Imagine how time spent behind the wheel could be used on something productive instead of building up frustrations from endless macet — the infamous Jakarta traffic jams. Also, imagine that self-driving cars could automatically find…

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“It’s not the Economic Growth model, it’s you”

The economic growth model demands more sophistication than we award it Dear economic and political leaders, The term “economy” is originally Greek, and means household management. As a global leader, you share responsibility for the proper management of the household that is our planet, but the majority of you are currently doing a poor job.…

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