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DareDisrupt Consulting helps organizations and businesses understand and utilize exponential technologies and disruption. The strong team of consultants support organizations in getting the right strategies and innovation as well as the right organizational setup and partnership to navigate the future.
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If you want to know more please reach out to Rasmus Bie-Olsen, +45 29 13 95 41

Getting the mindset, strategy, actions and organisation right.

Every organisation has to find their way of navigating and exploring the exponential technologies and disruptive strategies. We are moving into a future of abundance and rapid changes. Let us work together to create your response and strategy. It is not an easy transformation, but we will support you with the right mindset and with our extensive experiance in strategy and innovation. We give you access to our community of Danish and international tech experts and disruptors and we make sure you are set up and ready for the exponential future.

Understanding the effect of exponential technologies and disruption

We help you know how technologies and disruptive business models now affect your business, customers and organisation and what to expect in the future.

Getting the right strategy and winning at innovation

We help you find the right strategic response for you organisation. Whether it is new products and services; going to new markets; defending your business model or changing your organisation.

Getting the right setup

No one knows exactly what the future will bring. But we know that the organisations with the right setup, partners and competencies are best at taking advantage of the new possibilities. We can help you setting yourself up for winning the future.