In DareDisrupt Consulting we work with you to realise your potential as organisation and company. We take you through all the stages of understanding, adapting and leveraging new business models and technology. We help you navigate and take action in a world changing faster then ever. We are a team of experienced consultants in strategy, innovation and technology. The core team is made exponential by our unique network of deep technology experts and entrepreneurs - a community that we leverage, on demand, for your specific need.

The dare

“Disrupt yourself before someone else does” is in itself not a compelling argument. Rather, it’s about seeing how the new technologies empower us to solve bigger problems thereby creating more for our customer and community than what was before. Strategically, we have to know when to use new technologies to improve what we do today and when to use them for disruption. Balancing the past and the future are two completely different strategies. One is about management and “doing things right”. One is about leadership and “doing the right things”. Herein lies the dare – we need to do both at the same time, in order to disrupt responsibly.

… make sense of the future.

DareDisrupt has a wide network of leading experts within technologies, data, business models and more that provide a varied outlook of how the future can develop. By combining this with deep knowledge of strategy and business development we can help you understand and prepare for an accelerating technological future.

… focus on problems solved, not products sold.  

DareDisrupt is an impact-driven company that focuses on technologies, and disruptive innovation that tackle the biggest issues of our time. We help organizations understand how technology affects consumers, and how consumer behavior affects technological development.

… challenge your strategy and enable true innovation. 

DareDisrupt challanges your organization to think 10X. By challenging your mindset and preconceptions we dare our clients to be visionary and take the leap into a future of possibilities.

Getting the mindset and
strategy right

Every organization has to find their way of navigating and exploring the exponential technologies and disruptive strategies. We are moving into a future of abundance and rapid changes. Let us work together to create your response and strategy. It is not an easy transformation, but we will support you with the right mindset and with our extensive experience in strategy and innovation. We give you access to our community of Danish and international tech experts and disruptors and we make sure you are set up and ready for the exponential future.


For more information please reach out to Rasmus Bie-Olsen on +45 29 13 95 41



What we do Together with you, we find the most central why question defining the future of your organization and setting a clear and meaningful direction for customers and employees alike.

- How do you create a vision that is broad enough to endure in a world of continuous change and specific enough guide behavior?
- Why do your customers need you – and how will their needs change in the future?
- How do you find a vision important enough to die for that your whole organization can live for?

Why is it important In DareDisrupt we want to change the world. We believe in the tremendous power of accelerating technological progress. But we know that technology in and by itself does not change our world to the better – the world is fundamentally transformed by individuals and organizations with a clear and strong why – empowered with exponential technology! Today, more than ever, the why of your business is much more important than the what.

What you gain

- A vision that can inspire across stakeholder groups, leading to motivated employees, enamored customers and supportive owners.
- A richer understanding of the underlying problem that your organization is in this world to solve.
- A process that unifies and motivates your management team and sets a clear direction for you’re the future.
- A strong and understandable why that draws talent and competencies to your organization.

How we do it We guide you through a well-established process around the three building blocks of truly transformative visions; the truly important problem (does the problem touch you to the core?), the technology/solution direction (Is the problem solvable in the foreseeable future?) and the organization match (Do you have the resources & competency to start solving the problem?).

We always tailor the process to your organization around parameters such as openness, involvement, scope, time-horizon etc.


What do we do We give you the insight and mindset to understand what is changing your business. We help your organization find the right answers to the difficult questions. 

 - Who are your customers of tomorrow?
 - What new competition will you be facing?
 - How will the demand and expectations of your customers and partners change?
 - How do you run a strategy process when everything is changing?
 - How do you get a strategic overview of new technologies and how they affect your business?

Why is it important  The speed of change has never been greater. Organizations need to learn to navigate in a world where new technologies change markets and old technologies become irrelevant overnight. We see organizations that are struggling to integrate this knowledge in their strategy work and business development. We have the knowledge, mindset and experts to help you solve this problem.

What you gain

 - A shared mindset and vision of the changes you will see and create
 - An understanding of what technologies will change your business and what is irrelevant
 - A visionary challenge of your business model and perception of the future
 - An understanding of what you need to learn today to comprehend what is important tomorrow
 - A motivated management team with a shared ambition and understanding of the future needs and possibilities

How we do it  We use our insight and experience to guide you to where you need to go. We show you what other business are doing. We make you understand the pace and perspectives of technology. We introduce you to the startups and whacky minds building the unicorns of tomorrow. We use the small signals from the future to help you understand what is coming. But most importantly we tailor everything to the strategic needs of your specific organization./


What we do We help you set up a complete innovative ecosystem that ensure you maximum impact. We provide you with an organizational machinery that is fit for a world where change and development are the only constants. 

Why it is important The technological development is accelerating, connectivity and globalization is increasing vastly and the access to tools and resources are spreading. All of this results in more frequent value shift, constant threat of disruption as well as an abundance of opportunities for new solutions and value driven innovation. Organizations are, today more than ever, challenged on balancing internal efficiency with agility, openness and innovative ways of working. A well-functioning innovative ecosystem helps you avoid the incumbent traps and create sustained success.

What you gain Let us implement a setup that takes you into the future! Our goal is to enable you to create the solutions of tomorrow. We provide you with a holistic setup where innovation becomes part of your DNA. A well-functioning innovation ecosystem includes both habits, tools, mindset, shared language, frameworks, processes, incentives, among other factors and all should be functionally interconnected.

How do we do it  We always take departure in your unique situation, core resources and strategy. However, we will also challenge you. With our unique insight in understanding the future we create a setup that leverage your key competences as well as enable you leap frog development. By combining current initiatives and projects in your organization with new insights and ideation we help you setting up a pipeline that balances both short term improvements with the long term strategic innovation. To ensure continued and successful innovation we set up minimal principles for you innovation ecosystem such as frameworks, key performance indicators, key learning indicators as well as select methods and tools to start incorporating in your organization.


What do we do We provide you with a roadmap to understanding the technologies affecting your business, allowing you to effectively navigate the fast-changing technological environment. By combining the knowledge from our network of experienced technologists with a pragmatic approach to strategy and business, you get a clear overview of how you need to invest and act in the coming years. 

 - What is the most important technology for your business?
 - How do you employ tech-driven innovation?
 - Does your company have the right mindset to understand exponential technologies?
 - How do you get a strategic overview of new technologies and how they affect your business?

Why is it important  The speed of technological change has never been faster. Organizations need to learn to navigate in a world where new technologies change markets, and old technologies become irrelevant overnight. Old institutional corporations are investing more than ever to get in on “the new thing”, but their fundamental approach to technology and change is ineffective. We can help you get your employees on board to embrace the new technologies as a positive tool for change.

What you gain

 - A clear roadmap for your innovation investments
 - An understanding of key technologies for your business
 - Clear scenarios for how new technologies could affect your key revenue streams
 - An understanding of what you need to learn today to comprehend what is important tomorrow
 - An integrated approach to technology, where your C-suite and innovation lab speak the same language

How we do it We use a proprietary methodology centered around tech driven innovation, developed together with our broad network of thought leaders and entrepreneurs. By applying our deep knowledge of major trends and technologies in the marketplace to your business, we help you understand how technologies could change your internal processes, marketing efforts and much more. By making technologies easy to understand, your team will quickly reevaluate how AI, IoT, Neuroscience, Blockchain and more could change your business.