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Are you taking full advantage of the new technologies and digitisation?

Is your strategy, your business model and your innovation fit for the future? And are your offerings?

Do you know how your customers and their needs are changing?

The dare

We are a team of experienced consultants in strategy, innovation and technology. We help you navigate and take action in a world changing faster than ever. The core team is made exponential by our unique network of deep technology experts and entrepreneurs - a community that we leverage, on demand, for your specific needs.

We take you through all the stages of understanding, adapting and leveraging innovation, new business models and technology. Do you dare?


Make sense of

the future

DareDisrupt is the leading Nordic expert on what the future will bring. Together with our strong network of deep tech- and innovation experts we understand the trends, technologies and customer movements that will shape your business of tomorrow.

We combine that with a deep knowledge of strategy and business development to help you understand and prepare for an accelerating technological future.

Focus on problem solved

not products sold

DareDisrupt is an impact-driven company that focuses on technologies and disruptive innovation to tackle the biggest issues of our time. We help organisations set the direction and create strategies for future business models that are both sustainable, impactful, and value generating.

Challenge your strategy

and enable true 


DareDisrupt challenges your organisation to think 10X rather than 10%. We challenge your believes of your market and your customers and we guide you to build a functional innovation ecosystem, leveraging both internal and external strengths and resources. We help you navigate between popular buzzwords and hyped methods into what really works and what works for your given situation. By challenging your mindset and preconceptions, we dare our clients to be visionaries and take the leap into a future of possibilities.

Getting the mindset and
strategy right.

What we do

Every organisation has to find its way of navigating and exploring exponential opportunities and disruptive technologies. We are moving into a future of abundance and rapid changes generating both magical opportunities as well as alarming possibilities. Let us work together to create the response and strategy that shapes the future we all dream off. It is not an easy transformation, but we will support you with the right mindset and with our extensive experience in strategy and innovation. We give you access to our community of Danish and international tech experts and disruptors and we make sure you are set up and ready for the exponential future.