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DareDisrupt Consulting is enamored with the future and the vast opportunities exponential technology opens for organizations today. We use the signals of tomorrow to inform your business today. Let us define your business by problems solved. Not products sold.
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Getting the mindset and strategy right.

Every organization has to find their way of navigating and exploring the exponential technologies and disruptive strategies. We are moving into a future of abundance and rapid changes. Let us work together to create your response and strategy. It is not an easy transformation, but we will support you with the right mindset and with our extensive experience in strategy and innovation. We give you access to our community of Danish and international tech experts and disruptors and we make sure you are set up and ready for the exponential future.

We Dare ...

... make sense of the future.

DareDisrupt has a wide network of leading experts within technologies, ethics, privacy and more that provide a varied outlook of how the future can develop. By combining this with deep knowledge of strategy and business development we can help you understand and prepare for an accelerating technological future.   

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... focus on problems solved, not product sold.

DareDisrupt is an impact-driven company that focuses on technologies, and disruptive innovation that tackle the biggest issues of our time. We help organizations understand how technology affects consumers, and how consumer behavior affects technological development.

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... challenge your strategy and enable true innovation.

DareDisrupt forces your organization to think 10X. By challenging your mindset and preconceptions we dare our clients to be visionary and take the leap into a future of possibilities.     Scroll down to read more

… think in exponential growth

… think in creative crossing 

… think in disruption

Challenge your mindset with us. Win at innovation.

Why Dare?

We are moving into a future of abundance and rapid change driven by an accelerating technological development.

With such a future ahead, there is need for a new strategic thinking that dares to think 10X, dares to be visionary and dares to take the leap into the future in order to harvest the grand possibilities ahead.

How to Dare?
We understand that changes are difficult, but necessary. We can help you find the right strategic response for you organization. Whether it is new products and services, entering new markets, defending your business model, or changing your organization to prepare for the future.
Do you Dare?
We understand that the environment in which we act is in constant change and that no one knows exactly what the future will bring. We ensure that your strategy is connected to the right innovative ecosystem to ensure an agile and resilient strategy. We know that the organizations with the right setup, partners, and competencies are best at taking advantage of new possibilities.

Dare ...

. . .

We believe the most important step is to get started and experimenting swiftly followed by the appropriate level of steering and management principles. Our approach is always to collaborate closely with our clients.  We start from your maturity level, address your needs in order to find the right setup.

What do we do We give you the insight and mindset to understand what is changing your business. We help your organization find the right answers to the difficult questions.

  • Who are your customers of tomorrow?
  • What new competition will you be facing?
  • How will the demand and expectations of your customers and partners change?
  • How do you run a strategy process when everything is changing?
  • How do you get a strategic overview of new technologies and how they affect your business?

Why is it important  The speed of change has never been greater. Organizations need to learn to navigate in a world where new technologies change markets and old technologies become irrelevant overnight. We see organizations that are struggling to integrate this knowledge in their strategy work and business development. We have the knowledge, mindset and experts to help you solve this problem. What you gain

  • A shared mindset and vision of the changes you will see and create
  • An understanding of what technologies will change your business and what is irrelevant
  • A visionary challenge of your business model and perception of the future
  • An understanding of what you need to learn today to comprehend what is important tomorrow
  • A motivated management team with a shared ambition and understanding of the future needs and possibilities

How we do it We use our insight and experience to guide you to where you need to go. We show you what other business are doing. We make you understand the pace and perspectives of technology. We introduce you to the startups and whacky minds building the unicorns of tomorrow. We use the small signals from the future to help you understand what is coming. But most importantly we tailor everything to the strategic needs of your specific organization.

What we do We help you set up a complete innovative ecosystem that ensure you maximum impact. We provide you with an organizational machinery that is fit for a world where change and development are the only constants. Why it is important  The technological development is accelerating, connectivity and globalization is increasing vastly and the access to tools and resources are spreading. All of this results in more frequent value shift, constant threat of disruption as well as an abundance of opportunities for new solutions and value driven innovation. Organizations are, today more than ever, challenged on balancing internal efficiency with agility, openness and innovative ways of working. A well-functioning innovative ecosystem helps you avoid the incumbent traps and create sustained success. What you gain Let us implement a setup that takes you into the future! Our goal is to enable you to create the solutions of tomorrow. We provide you with a holistic setup where innovation becomes part of your DNA. A well-functioning innovation ecosystem includes both habits, tools, mindset, shared language, frameworks, processes, incentives, among other factors and all should be functionally interconnected. How do we do it  We always take departure in your unique situation, core resources and strategy. However, we will also challenge you. With our unique insight in understanding the future we create a setup that leverage your key competences as well as enable you leap frog development. By combining current initiatives and projects in your organization with new insights and ideation we help you setting up a pipeline that balances both short term improvements with the long term strategic innovation. To ensure continued and successful innovation we set up minimal principles for you innovation ecosystem such as frameworks, key performance indicators, key learning indicators as well as select methods and tools to start incorporating in your organization.