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Maibritt Schou Sørensen

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Who we are

Disruption, Exponential mindset, Exponential organizations, Future of Education, Introduction to Exponentials

Anders Hvid

Co-founder and managing partner

Author, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur
+45 20123389

3D printing, Disruption, Exponential mindset, Future of Production

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-founder and partner

Advocate for technological intuition in Governance and for environmental preservation in New Production Systems
+45 60673078


Rasmus Bie-Olsen

Partner and CEO

Strategy consultant and business leader. Expert in how exponential technology and new business models affects business
+45 29139541

21st century skills, Exponential mindset, Future of Education

Alexander Avanth

Exponential Technology Consultant and Speaker

Public Speaker, Exponential Technology Consultant and Future Education Specialist
+45 91111119


Maibritt Schou Sørensen

Client Officer

Key account manager and responsible for inbound and outbound contracts
+45 28402208


Reeta Hafner

Project Manager

Leading Founders of Tomorrow and selected Disruptors Academies. Measuring impact of DareDisrupt
+45 31455235


Louise Opprud Jakobsen

Thought Leader

Specialist in the Future of Work Specialist and the Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation
+45 28578519


Ida Krogh Sjöholm

Senior innovation adviser

Specialist in innovation ecosystems and business development consultant
+45 53621176


Hjalte Osborn Frandsen

Senior innovation adviser

Thoughtful innovation and strategy consultant
+45 26282193


Susanne Odgaard

Disruptors Academy Lead
+45 25392146

Future of Education, Future of Health, Introduction to Exponentials, Public sector

Jannick B. Pedersen

Co-founder and chairman

Public Speaker, Futurist, Author and Impact Investor, Chairman FranklinConvey Denmark
+45 40409969


Sacha Bastian

Innovation adviser

Impact strategist with focus on tech driven innovation
+45 22984330

Ingrid Hagberg - b&w1

Ingrid Hagberg

Strategy & exponential technology adviser

Strategy consultant and expert in new and exponential technologies
+45 53593444

<a href=""><b>Navn</b><br> Hashtag</a>

Maria Eisner Pelch

Senior innovation adviser

Specialist in tech driven innovation and strategic innovation management
+45 23323820

<a href="/denis-rivin/"><b>Denis Rivin</b><br>
21st century skills, Exponential mindset, Future of Education</a>

Denis Rivin

Futurist, Art historian, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Public Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. Expert in critical optimism, mass collaboration and general overview
+45 61711713


Amalie Rosenkvist

Student Assistant

Project coordinator working on Founders of Tomorrow
+45 28199706


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