DareDisrupt’s Christmas Calendar 2017: How exponential technologies can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

During the days preceding Christmas in December 2017, DareDisrupt embarked on an exciting educational journey. Wanting to create an overview of how the UN Sustainable Development Goals relate to exponential technologies and disruptive innovation, Reeta and Alexander put together the first-ever Sustainable Development Goals and Tech Christmas Calendar.

Download the Christmas Calendar here: Sustainable Development Goals and Tech Christmas Calendar.

During each weekday before Christmas, one “window” of the calendar was revealed. Each day look into one of the global goals, its key targets, the potential of technologies in achieving the goal and inspiring initiatives already making use of tech working to make the world a better place.

We continue to work for a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world and believe that technology and innovation are important tools in enabling sustainable development. Inspired by the potentials of tech and existing initiatives, we want to share the Christmas calendar with others.

Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals and innovative solutions for the SDGs.

SDG Tech Christmas Calendar DareDisrupt

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