“Märtha Rehnberg Will Turn You Into a Technology Optimist”

Can technology save the world? When you read stories about people falling off cliffs because they’re playing Pokemon Go, you probably don’t think so. Märtha Rehnberg doesn’t think so, either—but she still calls herself a “tech optimist”. On paper, the Copenhagen-based entrepreneur is a digital consultant, advising businesses on integrating technological solutions as a partner in the consultancy Dare Disrupt. However, at this year’s Trailerpark I/O, we heard her tell the audience about what really matters to her: promoting “tech intuition” and advocating for “disruptive technology”. A twenty-minute speech isn’t exactly enough time to fully unpack the significance of those two terms—so we decided to ask her about them ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Märtha Rehnberg—and let her turn you into a tech optimist, too.

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