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Deanna MacDonald

CEO and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration), member of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). Talks on Blockchain and New Ways of Collaboration.

Deanna MacDonald is an entrepreneur, civic technologist and technology communicator. With over a decade of industry experience in developing and applying technology and mobilizing industries towards change, she has worked with smart energy grids, medical technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. As an advocate of open-source technology and governance, Deanna was an early adopter of blockchain technology and regularly holds educational talks and developer workshops. She is the co-founder and CEO of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration) with the mission of providing a global platform for co-creating blockchain solutions for the benefit of society, and is a prominent member of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN).

Hailed as the next version of the Internet that will empower all levels of society, blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in the technology world today. Yet, with all of the hype that surrounds it, there have been few concrete definitions of what blockchain is. What exactly comprises the blockchain? Blockchain disruption threatens not only industries but also society at its core as it promises to fundamentally redefine the way we currently understand trade, ownership and trust. As these definitions remain ambiguous we must consider instead the implications. What possibility is there for fundamental societal change?

In her talks, Deanna begins by providing a simple and constructive definition of the blockchain. From a conceptual standpoint rather than a highly technical one, she deconstructs the blockchain piece-by-piece and then reconstructs and places it a wider context, coupling it with a critical evaluation of our current definition of progress. In order to address the issues of technological progress for the benefit of society and not just the few, the talks also aim to unravel the concepts of citizenship and the issues of knowledge, trust and identity upon which it hinges.

Deanna MacDonald

Deanna MacDonald

CEO and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration)

Deanna talks about Blockchain and the future of collaboration.