Deanna MacDonald

CEO and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration), member of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). Talks on Blockchain and New Ways of Collaboration.

Deanna MacDonald is the co-founder and CEO of BLOC, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, a blockchain and digital solutions provider for the energy and maritime sectors with a focus on anti- corruption and decarbonisation. She is a political economist by training and has over a decade of industry experience in developing, applying and scaling technology within trade, energy, health and agriculture.

Deanna is a global speaker on blockchain technology, new forms of governance and business models. She is an educator at numerous executive leadership programs in the private sector, and is a guest lecturer at multiple universities. Most recently at MIT, Columbia Business School and Wharton, where she is course leader for the Emeritus Institute of Management. Deanna is also a regular peer-reviewer for, and special advisor to the World Bank, United Nations, the Conservation Futures and Luc Hoffman Institute.

Hailed as the next version of the Internet that will empower all levels of society, blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in the technology world today. Yet, with all of the hype that surrounds it, there have been few concrete definitions of what blockchain is. What exactly comprises the blockchain? Blockchain disruption threatens not only industries but also society at its core as it promises to fundamentally redefine governance and inclusivity as well as the way we currently understand trade, currency, ownership and trust. What we can do as a society to prepare for this paradigm shift?

Deanna’s talks circle around a profoundly critical view of the current state of the digital economy. It is against this view, that she distinguishes blockchain applications that merely reproduce existing paradigms, from those that inherently have true, transformative potential. The purpose of Deanna’s talks is to show her audience a perspective that empowers them to better understand how to apply blockchain for real and progressive change; be it for the institutions in the public sphere, or within the realms of business -ethics, -models and -practices. She is known to provoke new views and most importantly, engage her audience as co-creators and contributors of her content.

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Deanna MacDonald

CEO and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration)

Deanna talks about Blockchain, global governance and collaboration