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Jesper Ulsø

Associate Partner DareDisrupt, Singularity University Alumni and Director of Aller Media. Talks on Exponential Mindset and a New Business Paradigm.

Jesper Ulsø is a C-level business professional and entrepreneur with hands-on experience from a broad range of industries ranging from IT and to media, services, retail and production industries.

He holds a Master of Science degree in computer science and graduated from Singularity University (USA) in 2015. His career started as a programmer in IBM. He went on to start own IT and businesses for the next 12 years. In recent years he has served as CEO, COO, and Chairman of a diverse range of businesses within media, distribution, content marketing and travel industries.

Jesper’s primary interest is the crossing between strategy and new exponential technologies where he through thought provoking examples inspires his audience to identify new opportunities both on a professional and individual level.

The cyberpunk author William Gibson famously wrote ”The future is here – it’s just not evenly distributed”. His words are more relevant than ever as we begin to realize the accelerating pace of change not only within information technologies but also in biotech, nanotech, energy, 3D-print, and robots.

This development has already created a lot of winners and losers exactly because the future is not evenly distributed. If you and your organization want to position yourselves on the winning side the first prerequisite is to understand which forces are at play. Next to connect this insight with a proactive strategy both on an organizational and personal level to transform these exponential forces to promising opportunities rather than monstrous threats.

In his talk Jesper introduces a new technology paradigm which allows his audience to understand and proactively embrace the new exponential technologies. Through thought provoking examples, he brings his audience closer to an exciting future which has already arrived.

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Exponential mindset, Future business models, Organizational change</a>

Jesper Ulsø

Associate Partner DareDisrupt, Singularity University Alumni and Director of Aller Media.

Jesper talks about Exponential mindset, Future business models and Organizational change.