Nikolaj Moeller

All individuals and organizations possess deeply ethical aspirations. All too often, they elude us because of the temptations and disincentives of the world we live in.

NIKOLAJ MØLLER empowers (and Dares!) organizations to articulate and live their dreams of doing good for the greater good. He is an advisor, facilitator, AI ethics researcher and expert on helping organizations define and reach their ethical aspirations.

With experience from consulting and academia, Nikolaj combines scientific and ethical insights with a practical understanding of business and people. He uses this to advise companies on strategy, innovation, ethics and technology. He is a speaker and has taught organizations courses on ChatGPT, AI ethics and exponential technology – and is a certified LEGO Serious Play© Facilitator.

Nikolaj’s research skills and understanding of people builds on his experience with ReD Associates, a Copenhagen-based company which is world renowned for applying human and social scientific theory to study and solve complex business problems. In addition, he has intimate knowledge of public engagement methods and applying behavioural science to sustainability issues through his work with Museum for the United Nations – UN Live.

He is affiliated with the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at University of Oxford where he is currently enrolled in the MSt in Practical Ethics. His primary research interests are AI ethics, sustainability and the impacts of technology. He is the co-author of an academic paper on the ethics of ChatGPT (forthcoming, Nature Machine Intelligence).

Beyond organizations, Nikolaj is fueled by the belief that humanity needs both ethical and spiritual development at the personal level – perhaps today more than ever before. He pursues these as an ardent silent retreat meditator and Taekwon-Do black belt. In the latter capacity, he runs a Taekwon-Do club in Copenhagen and is working to develop ITF Taekwon-Do in Denmark.

Nikolaj holds a bachelor (hons.) in philosophy from University of Cambridge, UK. He is also 2011-winner of the International Philosophy Olympiad and three times T-UK Taekwon-Do gold medalist.

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Nikolaj Møller

Fellow of Dare Disrupt.

Nikolaj talks about artificial intelligence, organizational ethics, and AI ethics. 

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