We are a Nordic company specialized in exponential technology and responsible disruption. For us, disruption is a strategy applied to create new products for new customer needs that shape new markets and transform value systems in society.

We advocate technological intuition to impact directions of change. Explore our speakers. We design tools that enable creative and purposeful collaborations. Explore our academies. We help organizations understand and utilize the potentials of exponential technologies and disruptive innovation. Explore consulting services.

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Why we do it

Digital technologies are improving exponentially and becoming accessible to an increasing number of people globally. This enables new ways of thinking and gives rise to new solutions to problems many didn’t even know existed. When “new thinking” makes an industry obsolete, it also eliminates an entire set of problems in a society. This is disruption.

Limited by our own imagination of the problems to be solved, by innovations yet to come, we promote open minded innovation and disruption in collaboration. We see it as our role to facilitate change and creative crossings of minds, technologies and businesses.

It is by making the future exciting, by curating new dialogues and daring you to change and disrupt that we believe we can exponentially accelerate problem-solving in the world.

As long as there are problems in the world, we make it our mission to empower the curious and the disruptors.

How we do it

We live in a world in which today’s best practice risk becoming obsolete tomorrow. We understand that change can be difficult, but when it is necessary, we have made it our mission to engage closely with customers, organizations and society to make real and lasting impact.

We are a strong team of over 30 of the most innovative experts and thought-leaders in technology, innovation and business development. We hold unique access to a range of innovation hubs around the world, and we engage with entrepreneurs and startups in defining the businesses of tomorrow. We also work with universities and the academia, and are invited in as advocates in shaping the political future of our world.

The Disruptors

Disruption, Exponential mindset, Exponential organizations, Future of Education, Introduction to Exponentials

Anders Hvid

Co-founder and managing partner

Author, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur

+45 20123389

3D printing, Disruption, Exponential mindset, Future of Production

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-founder and partner

Advocate for technological intuition in Governance and for environmental preservation in New Production Systems

+45 60673078


Rasmus Bie-Olsen

Partner and CEO

Strategy consultant and business leader. Expert in how exponential technology and new business models affects business.

+45 29139541

21st century skills, Exponential mindset, Future of Education

Alexander Avanth

Exponential Technology Consultant and Speaker

Public Speaker, Exponential Technology Consultant and Future Education Specialist

+45 91111119


Maibritt Schou Sørensen

Client Officer

Key account manager and responsible for inbound and outbound contracts

+45 28402208


Reeta Hafner

Project Manager

Leading Founders of Tomorrow and selected Disruptors Academies. Measuring impact of DareDisrupt

+45 31455235


Louise Opprud Jakobsen

Thought Leader

Specialist in the Future of Work Specialist and the Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation

+45 28578519


Ida Krogh Sjöholm

Senior innovation adviser

Specialist in innovation ecosystems and business development consultant

+45 53621176


Hjalte Osborn Frandsen

Senior innovation adviser

Thoughtful innovation and strategy consultant

+45 26282193


Susanne Odgaard

Disruptors Academy Lead

+45 25392146

Future of Education, Future of Health, Introduction to Exponentials, Public sector

Jannick B. Pedersen

Co-founder and chairman

Public Speaker, Futurist, Author and Impact Investor, Chairman FranklinConvey Denmark

+45 40409969


Sacha Bastian

Innovation adviser

Impact strategist with focus on tech driven innovation

+45 22984330

Ingrid Hagberg - b&w1

Ingrid Hagberg

Strategy & exponential technology adviser

Strategy consultant and expert in new and exponential technologies

+45 53593444

<a href=""><b>Navn</b><br> Hashtag</a>

Maria Eisner Pelch

Senior innovation adviser

Specialist in tech driven innovation and strategic innovation management

+45 23323820

<a href="/denis-rivin/"><b>Denis Rivin</b><br>
21st century skills, Exponential mindset, Future of Education</a>

Denis Rivin

Futurist, Art historian, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Public Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. Expert in critical optimism, mass collaboration and general overview

+45 61711713


Amalie Rosenkvist

Student Assistant

Project coordinator working on Founders of Tomorrow 

+45 28199706


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