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Defining business by problems solved. Not products sold.

We are a nordic and independend company specialized in technologies and disruptive innovation that tackle the biggest issues of our time. We advocate technological intuition to impact directions of change. We design tools that enable creative and purposeful collaborations. Explore our speakers

We help organisations understand and utilize the potentials of exponential technologies and disruptive innovation. Explore consulting services

For us, disruption is a strategy, applied to create new products for new customer needs, that shape new markets and transform new value systems in society. Ready for a new mindset?

Face the Future, don’t avoid it.


World-class speakers that get you past “now” and provide you with a glimpse of what’s to come.
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DareDisrupt Consulting helps organizations and businesses understand and utilize exponential technologies and disruption. The strong team of consultants support organizations in getting the right strategies and innovation as well as the right organizational setup and partnership to navigate the future.


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Understanding the effect of exponential technologies and disruption

We help you know how technologies and disruptive business models now affect your business, customers and organisation and what to expect in the future.

Getting the right strategy and winning at innovation

We help you find the right strategic response for you organisation. Whether it is new products and services; going to new markets; defending your business model or changing your organisation.

Getting the right setup

No one knows exactly what the future will bring. But we know that the organisations with the right setup, partners and competencies are best at taking advantage of the new possibilities. We can help you setting yourself up for winning the future.


Disruptors Academy is an educational program designed by DareDisrupt to empower disruptors with the tools to thrive in an exponential world. One in which the speed, scale and (zero) cost of disruptive innovations are transforming society as we know it. One in which leaders need technological intuition.
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Focus on companies, digital transformation and disruptive innovation


Focus on catalytic innovation to leverage new technologies for public service


Focus on disruptive innovation as a strategic choice

Higher Education

Focus on the disruptors’ mindset and 10x entrepreneurship


DareDisrupt is about leveraging technologies for value driven innovation. We do this by changing the mindset of leaders across private companies and political institutions. However, we also make use of other approaches to create positive impact for society.


Citizens of tomorrow

Young people and students are the world’s technological leaders. Their habits, behaviors and values shape the future of work and redefine the global economy. Each year we offer a number of pro-bono talks to students of all ages, levels and specializations. We do this to promote an inter-generational debate about ethics and responsible technology.

Founders of Tomorrow

Founders of Tomorrow (formerly known as Danske iDeer) is a five-day open bootcamp and idea competition designed for people passionate about creating positive impact and curious about achieving it by using new technologies. It is sponsored by the Danish Industry Foundation and produced by DareDisrupt

Face the Future

If you want to dig deeper, read the book behind our way of thinking. Learn what exponential acceleration means for you and how to adapt to a world of accelerating technologies. The book is so far published in Danish, English and Finnish and sold more than xx copies. It is now published in a second edition.

About us

We specialize in communicating about, and educating in Exponential Technologies and Exponential Organizations that are currently disrupting business and society as we know it.

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