We are a Nordic company specialised in exponential technology and responsible disruption. For us, disruption is a strategy applied to create new solutions for new needs that shape new markets and transform value systems in society. We advocate technological intuition to impact directions of change. We design tools that enable creative and purposeful collaborations. We help organisations understand and utilise the potentials of exponential technologies and disruptive innovation.

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Why we do it

Digital technologies are improving exponentially and becoming accessible to an increasing number of people globally. This enables new ways of thinking and gives rise to new solutions to problems many didn’t even know existed. When “new thinking” makes an industry obsolete, it also eliminates an entire set of problems in a society. This is how we define disruption.

Limited by our imagination of the problems to be solved, by innovations yet to come, we promote open minded innovation and disruption in collaboration. We see it as our role to facilitate change and creative crossings of mind, technologies, and businesses.

It is by making the future exciting, by curating new dialogues and daring you to change and disrupt that we believe we can exponentially accelerate problem-solving in the world. As long as there are problems in the world, we make it our mission to empower the curious and the disruptors.

How we do it

We live in a world in which today’s best practice risk becoming obsolete tomorrow. We understand that change can be difficult, but when necessary we have made it our mission to engage closely with customers, organisations, and society to make a real and lasting impact.

We are a strong team of over 30 of the most innovative experts and thought-leaders in technology, innovation, and business development. We hold unique access to a range of innovation hubs around the world, and we engage with entrepreneurs and startups in defining the businesses of tomorrow. We work with universities and academia and are frequently invited as advocates in shaping the political future of our world.

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